A Mix of Spooky Halloween Movie Cookies

For these cookies I decided to reference a few of my favorite Halloween movies in the cookies. I made pumpkins for It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, ghosts for Casper the Friendly Ghost, bats for The Little Vampire, and a cat for Binx the cat from Hocus Pocus. Enjoy!





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Jack Skellington Cut Out Cookies!

Happy Halloween everyone! This year I decided to host a Halloween party and made some spooky treats. Among them were my Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas cookies that everyone loved! I used the recipe for the cookies previously mentioned in this post.IMG_0784


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Mock Breakfast at Tiffany’s


After watching the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s with my mom, I decided to create my own little Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment. As I had limited time to make my own food this weekend, I decided to pick up a few cheese danishes from Panera and a cup of coffee, the exact breakfast foods Audrey Hepburn was seen eating in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was very fun to re-watch the movie with danish and coffee in hand! If you have some extra time this week, maybe try out this recipe for a homemade cheese danish I that I thought sounded oh so yummy!

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One of my absolute favorite Disney/Pixar movies is Ratatouille. The charming main character, Remy, is a rat with a passion for food who gets his chance to show how well he can cook when he stumbles upon France’s renowned Gusteau’s Restaurant. This bizarre plot set in Paris, France makes for a a quirky and almost whimsical film. To pay homage to Remy, I decided to try my hand at making a ratatouille! For those who don’t know, a ratatouille is a vegetable stew of sorts with a tomato sauce. The vegetables are cut thin and placed on top of the tomato sauce overlapping one another so you can see all the vibrant colors. I followed this recipe, improvising on a few occasions, much like little chef Remy! Here is the end result:
IMG_0704    IMG_0705

It was quite easy and delicious!

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The Grand Budapest Hotel: Cut-out Cookies

This week I decided to make not one but TWO snacks inspired by Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. My previous post showed you how to make colorful mini chocolate cream puffs. I decided why not keep with the theme of  Grand Budapest and make some delicious sugar cookies decorated with to look like different aspects of the film. Here we have Zero Moustafa’s prized “Lobby Boy” hat:

To pay tribute to Herr Mendl of Mendl’s Patisserie, I made his tiny delivery cart and the signature pink box all his pastries come in:



And last but not least I made Agatha’s Secret Society of the Crossed Keys pendant that she can be seen wearing below:


The recipe for the sugar cookies can be found here and the royal icing recipe can be found here . Now I’m no professional decorator but these cute cookies are easy and fun to make, regardless of how they turn out.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel: Mini Chocolate Cream Puffs

The Grand Budapest Hotel, the latest and greatest movie by Wes Anderson, is full of whimsy, humor, and an undeniably Wes Anderson color palette. As this is one of my  favorites of Anderson’s assortment of films, I thought what better film to start my descent into blogging than The Grand Budapest Hotel? In the film, there is a small bakery known as Mendl’s. Mendl’s is known for their Courtesan Au Chocolat, a small stacked pastry consisting of three chocolate custard filled puffs. This is what Mendl’s Courtesan Au Chocolat looks like:


As I am just starting out in my baking ventures, I though I would make Mendl’s inspired mini chocolate filled puffs. I followed the recipe for the Courtesan Au Chocolat, which can be found here along with step-by-step instructions and a video that was featured on The Grand Budapest Hotel’s  DVD extras menu. Instead of icing each individual puff and stacking them atop each other, I sprinkled edible glitter on the mini puffs and topped with powdered sugar. Here’s the end result:


Next movie night immerse yourself in The Grand Budapest Hotel with these bright, quirky treats!

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