One of my absolute favorite Disney/Pixar movies is Ratatouille. The charming main character, Remy, is a rat with a passion for food who gets his chance to show how well he can cook when he stumbles upon France’s renowned Gusteau’s Restaurant. This bizarre plot set in Paris, France makes for a a quirky and almost whimsical film. To pay homage to Remy, I decided to try my hand at making a ratatouille! For those who don’t know, a ratatouille is a vegetable stew of sorts with a tomato sauce. The vegetables are cut thin and placed on top of the tomato sauce overlapping one another so you can see all the vibrant colors. I followed this recipe, improvising on a few occasions, much like little chef Remy! Here is the end result:
IMG_0704    IMG_0705

It was quite easy and delicious!

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